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Dental ClaimSupport is your trustworthy dental billing partner. Our dental billing experts will help you collect 100% of the profit your practice generates

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You deserve easy insurance income for less.  Founded by dentists with experience with dental insurance claims.The dental billing process is one we’d want to see other clinics adopt and/or refine. Over the course of many years, we’ve cleared the barriers and learned the ropes. To avoid starting from scratch, your team might benefit from dental claimsupport.

All the data and procedures we employ are based on years of expertise and are proven in practice. We are fully aware of what is effective.
This is how we do things around here, and we do it successfully every day with our own special systems. Many practices across the country have benefited from our assistance, and we hope to be of use to yours as well.

Lacking the expertise to assist your patients with their medical insurance benefits often leads in thousands of dollars in unaccepted treatment options.
Many offices don’t even realize what they are missing in terms of unpaid, underpaid, unsubmitted and denied medical insurance benefits.

We’re here to satisfy that need in a way that benefits both the patient and the clinic.
Whether you want to train your staff to become experts in dental medical billing, or you’d rather have us take care of it for you, know that you have options.
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Dental Credentialing

If you’re a dentist and want to give your patients the best possible insurance coverage, there are several things you need to do with each insurance company.
Before final dental insurance credentialing is provided, it is necessary to provide complete documentation of your license(s), certification(s), and practice history.

Remote Dental Billing Services

Let us do the legwork for you so you can spend less time negotiating with insurers. To guarantee timely payments, we will submit your claims electronically every day with all supporting documentation.
We appeal every denial and vigorously defend every case.

HIPAA Compliance

Dental patients can rest easy knowing that our services are completely transparent and in line with HIPAA regulations. Every action we take is shielded by our  VPN, allowing us to access your patient’s data without storing it on hardware.

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